The Tiny House Movement

The Destiny


Outside dimensions:


Propane powered

Safety and Security




Living Area


Custom Designed Interior


Art on the Move

Comfortable Bed

Antique Dining Table and Chairs

Living Area

Cooking Area

Wash Room

Petite Chateaus Detail


Destiny With HGTV At The National Tiny House Jamboree! Designed by nationally acclaimed tiny house designer, Jacalyn Macy, this chateau was the toast of the National Jamboree in Colorado. HGTV spent 2 days filming her and is the most talked about magical build in the industry.


With love for interesting one-of-a-kind flare, our designs have been recognized as the best in our field. Stepping into the fantasy of these mind blowing designs is akin to stepping into a new dimension and expecting to find characters of another world peeking from the cupboards. .

The sweeps and curves are enticing as well as functional. Sprinkled throughout the chateau designs are numerous hiding places, some large and some small. Most fascinating is our ability to create a large living area with unimaginable square feet on such a small footprint. We have broken new ground working with 160 square foot trailers and creating 270 square feet of living space from them, all the while staying under the 13’6” height limitation DOT has listed for several states!


Imagine standing while making the bed in your master loft. In fact, a gent 6'44" can stand in the entire build!

  • At 8'4" wide, you have a little more wiggle room while driving
  • 30 gallon water tank
  • Skylight
  • An abundance of electrical outlets
  • Wired for cable and Internet
  • Versatile interior decor
  • Unique safety and security feat
  • Hidden GPS for tracking
  • Smoke/Co2 detector
  • 2 security cameras with night vision, motion sensor, recording and 2-way audio
  • Fully insured by Lloyds of London!